Additions: Shadow Caster and Rampart

Ever since I read a preview of Shadow Caster back in 93/94, I was attracted to the game. Lukewarm reviews kept me from playing it however. When I saw a copy on offer I just couldn’t resist buying it. It was very cheap, mainly because the whole lot of games that the seller offered was severely damaged by water. It is definitely an ugly duckling by now, but better in my collection than being tossed away I guess.

I also got Rampart for the Lynx. It has been a while since I got a game for that system besides the recent Unnamed. Sadly, I cannot play it right now because my Lynx has died.

The last things that came in today were two replacement thumb sticks for my original N64 controller. It turns out however, that these are ment for replacement N64 controllers, so they are of no use to me.

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