Adjusting geometry settings on Bang & Olufsen MX4002 for better Genesis Aladdin with MiSTer

After my success connecting my MiSTer to my B&O MX4002 crt, I had some tweaking to do to the settings of the tv. At B&O they have evidently done their very best to make this process as user unfriendly as possible. It’s likely that they wanted their customers only being serviced by dedicated personnel than doing this themselves. Anyway, I dug up some clarification on settings and tried to adjust them with the help of the excellent 240P Test Suite. I used the Sega Genesis one.

At first I couldn’t get the B&O to access the settings while displaying the input. Even after the steps I had already taken. It turned out that the only thing preventing it was going into the TUNE MENU whilst in TV mode and turning DECODER on. Now it works, albeit that the menu overlay is pretty dark, so you cannot see the changes that you are making very good. But it’s better than constantly switching inputs.

I tweaked the settings around a bit and the image looks loads better than they did before. The geometry has improved a lot and the flickering at the top and at the bottom is gone. I do feel that it can be improved more and I’m still not too impressed by the colors. I’ve had enough for now and will leave it like this and maybe someday will look into it some more.

RdrRed drive0-6334
GdrGreen drive0-6337
RcuRed cut-off balance0-63
GcuGreen cut-off balance0-6329
COLColour saturation0-707
HfqHorizontal frequency30
HphHorizontal phase/centeringmoves the image position left or right0-6455
HamHorizontal amplitudewidth0-9045
VamVertical amplitudeheight0-9010
VscVertical s-correctionrelationship of the linearity between the center of the screen and the top/bottom0-8025
VshVertical centeringmove the image position up or down0-9025
VliVertical linearityrelationship of the linearity between the upper and the lower halves of the screen0-6020
EWcEast/West cornerspulls the corners either outwards or inwards0-6010
EWpEast/West parabolatilts the left and right edges of the screen to the left or right0-7525
EWtEast/West tiltadjust the East/West trapeze0-6040

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