A Sunday evening with Briley Witch Chronicles and Ruff ‘n’ Tumble

As I didn’t take Briley Witch Chronicles with me on holiday (I decided to take the Evercade with me, because why would you have an Evercade if you don’t take it with you on vacation), it has been a while since I played it. Luckily, this is not the sort of rpg with hundreds of quests that you forget about when you don’t play it for a while. It’s very linear and even has a cool ‘remind’ feature that lists all the things that you need to do (usually just the one thing). Last time I left off just when Briley made it to another town (!). So this time, I let the story unfold there and even visited two other locations, got a new companion and made it back to Maepole.

As is usual for this game by now, I get bored after an hour and a half and I decided to fire up my Amiga. I had played a little Super Hang-On on Playstation Now earlier and I wanted to experience the Amiga version. However, it turned out that I didn’t have it installed on my harddrive (shame!) and while I could probably have booted it up from the Gotek, my eye fell on another game that I read about on Twitter recently: Ruff ‘n’ Tumble. I realized that I never had played it for more than ten seconds and decided I should give it a go. Almost an hour later, I can say that I enjoyed it very much. The game looks and sounds incredible for an OCS/ECS game. The gameplay is also solid. The only thing I had some problems with were the controls, but that can also be caused by my joystick. And although I didn’t even manage to complete the first world, I definitely will try it again someday.

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