Ending 2021 with retro goodies

A lot of cool stuff has arrived at the second to last day of the year:

  • Issue 40 of Software Gids. An old video game magazine. I now have them all up to and including issue 40. My hunt for more issues continues.
  • The Zzap! 64 Annual 2022 and the Zzap! Amiga. I’m still a little sad about the A5 format. But not sad enough to regret not playing the premium for the A4 format. Looking forward to reading these!
  • A boxed copy of Clowns for the C64 on cartridge. A game that I have fond memories of and played a lot when I was little. I now have three such games, the other ones are Tooth Invaders and Pinball Spectacular.
  • Last, but not least, The Shadows of Sergoth. This is the third new game for the Amiga in the last couple of months. And just as those other games, it comes with a hoog many goodies. Nice!

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