Two new Amiga games: One from France and one from Germany

So I managed to snatch a copy of Legend of Falconia, a game that saw a boxed release recently by As I mentioned earlier, I bought an Amiga Future issue because I had read about this game and when I contacted the person from a1k, I was told there were still some copies left and I immediately ordered one. The box is quite a bit different than the usual game box releases. Let’s say it is a bit amateurish in appearance. But that just adds to the overall charm of the game. It does come with quite a bit of information and extras in the box, so that’s always a good thing to get you in the mood.

The second game I got is Athanor 2 – The Legend of the Birdmen. As this is also a self-pubished release, I also got this by emailing the developer. I remember reading about the first part in the series on IndieRetroNews and that I was tempted to get it, but ultimately didn’t. I’m glad that I got the second part at least and looking forward to playing it. The first 15 minutes were already very enjoyable.

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