Lifting curses, running errands and playing an estate agent

I helped Briley lift a curse in Briley Witch Chronicles and after that she more errands to run. These errands serve to progress the story. I also solved two little side quests and discovered a secret area. Briley learned more spells and one of them is very helpful for handling large groups of enemies. The way new spells are suddenly added is a bit random though. It would probably make more sense if new spells were learned by studying or meditating.

I also played a little bit of Legend of Falconia. I read on twitter that this game was re-released and translated into English and included on the cover CD that comes with the latest Amiga Future magazine (issue 153). So I ordered it, got it fast, copied the contents over to a CF card, put that in the ACA500plus and had it running in no time on the Amiga 500. The user interface definitely needs some getting used to, but I guess that it will feel more intuitive after some more time with the game.

But first let me read through the issue of Amiga Future…

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