So happy to finally have a disk version of Shadow Switcher

Shadow Switcher is one of the games that started my love for new games for the Commodore 64 and the Amiga a few years ago. I sometimes start the game up in the background just to listen to the tune. A tune that I often spontaneously start to whistle.

The disk version of Shadow Switcher

A few years ago I contacted dr Wuro about the physical disk edition, but there were non left. I was surprised to see the game being offered by Protovision. I bought it as fast as I could. Protovision was really nice and I got it fast and they also included a free copy of a cd with the music from Soul Force. It’s great music to accompany the game play, but a bit samy to listen to seperate from the game. The cd sadly only has mp3 tracks on it and I don’t have a cd player that can handle mp3s. I think I will put it on minidisc.

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