More games: Black Crypt, The Pawn and Arx Fatalis

Although I never played many Dungeon Master type games, I do have collected a lot of them over the last few years. I prefer free raming crpgs like Ultima Underworld and Might and Magic >= VI. I heard a lot of good things about Black Crypt and I had it on my wish list for a while now. So when I saw a reasonably priced copy on offer, I bought it. The front of the box looks gorgeous.

Speaking about Ultima Underworld, I was looking for a big box version of its spiritual successor Arx Fatalis. I only have a copy of the game in a DVD case. I think there isn’t a big box release though, aside for a ridiculously priced Asian version. There is a small box version. And I saw one om offer for € 1. Too bad shipping was twelve times as expensive. And although it’s a German version, I do love having in in the collection.

The third game I got is The Pawn. This nicely complement my Magnetic Scrolls collection.

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