A weekend in time

During the weekend I played A Hat in Time. It’s a very enjoyable game.

I had fun with a level avoiding a ghost in a mansion. I have been jumping up the inside of a well and playing levels where you are making movies. It may be too easy for a lot of gamers, but the difficulty is fine for me. The developers also have done much to ensure that the flow remains high. While Jumping up the inside of a well for instance, the water level rises so that if you fall, you won’t have to start from the beginning. Another level had me jumping platforms that only appear inside a sort of bubble and swinging from ropes. Another level had you racing through a train. Most challenges are doable in two or three tries. Also fun is that you can select certain badges for specific situations.

But not all is easy. The boss fights can be tough. I’m currently stuck on defeating a outhouse.

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