Hints for Oblivion and a bigger Skyrim

I bought a hint book for Oblivion. Not because I need them, but because I thought it would be cool to browse through and reminisce. Sadly the book is not very readable because of the background that is too prominent. I am currently playing Oblivion on PSNow.

While looking at my shelf with Elder Scrolls games it bothered me that my copy of Skyrim is only a small dvd case while the other parts in the series a nice big boxes (although Oblivion is only a small box.) to remedy this, I bought the premium edition which comes in a nice package that’s of small box dimensions. Sadly it doesn’t fit on the same shelf as the rest of the games.

Of course it’s not the Remastered edition. That version I have as digital download for the PS4. But the first time I played Skyrim was the original version on pc, so it’s nice to have a somewhat more substantial version to remember that experience.

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