The Pentium II project – Part 2: The Case

Just a quick update on this project. I have only made some reconnaissance for this PC. One of the most important things that I need is a proper case. While browsing the internet, I came across the case that I most definitely had back in the day. It’s a Highscreen/Vobis case. I’ve seen on complete PC in just this case on Ebay and I actually got offered a discount to persuade me into buying it. I admit I was tempted a little bit, but decided against it because it’s just too ugly! I’m hoping to replace my 486 case with one with a nice Mhz display and turbo button. And then the Pentium II can go into that case. It definitely won’t fit in the Aopen H300A case that I bought for very little money. Maybe that will be nice for a more modern mATX PC. If I decide to go that route that is. It will something like a modern PC in a retro looking enclosure.

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