The Pentium II project – Part 1: The beginning

Now that I have an 486 PC and a Athlon XP PC, I feel there’s a hole between them. The difference is just too big. So I filled that hole with a Pentium II computer, although it’s not a whole computer yet. It still needs an enclosure, storage and some power. This will be a fun search/project.

What it is right now:

  • A Biostar M6TLC motherboard with one AGP, four IDE and two ISA slots.
  • A Pentium II 233Mhz processor.
  • some RAM
  • A Diamond Viper V770 (nVidea TNT2) video card with 32MB RAM
  • A Creative SoundBlaster Vibra 16 ISA sound card(CT4180)
  • A 3Com Etherlink III network card

I’m looking for the following stuff for this system:

  • A midi tower case
  • A PSU
  • Maybe some more/faster RAM
  • A solid state storage solution
  • A CD-ROM drive
  • A floppy drive
  • A Gotek floppy emulator
  • A cool case badge

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