The Athlon XP project -Part I: The beginning

I bought a Athlon XP computer in a beige midi tower. It reminds me of the first PC I assembled myself, which was my third IBM compatible PC, after my 386 and my Pentium II. I loved this computer and enjoyed building and upgrading it.

This current PC has the following characteristics:

  • AMD Athlon XP 1700+ CPU (Socket A)
  • 768MB RAM
    • 1x Kingston KVR400K64C25/236 2.6V
    • 1x Kingston KVR400X64C3/512
    • 1x Samsung 256MB DDR PC3200 CL3
  • ASUS A7V600-X motherboard. It has the VIA KT600 chipset.
  • V9400-X R2.005/TD/128M/AR VGA card
  • it has a external gameport connector hooked up to the motherboard.

Currently, it has Windows 98 installed. Eventually I think I will be using this PC as a Windows XP machine.

Things I want to change are:

  • adding a faster AGP video card.
  • adding a faster CPU and/or overclocking it.
  • changing the CPU cooler for a quieter one.
  • change the PSU for a quieter one.
  • replace the harddisk with a esata SSD.
  • adding a card reader to the front 3.5inch bay.
  • adding some kind of cool front bay thingy.
  • a cool case badge.

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