The Mandatory Pirate Cove

I’m exploring the mandatory underground pirate Cove in Divinity Original Sin. Complete with wooden walkways and half sunken pirate ships. Lest my description give you the impression that I don’t enjoy such environments in a game, that’s not the case. I love them.

The only thing I wish is that I would not be restricted to that awful isometric view. I want to experience the full first person view. And for people that argument that such a view is not workable for tactical party based combat I say, think again. I absolutely loved the way that was implemented in the pc version of Dragon Age Origins. The shifting view for each character let me to believe that I was in the middle of the combat. Too bad that most people don’t think so…

I’ve managed to kill the pirate boss, Pontius Pirate (great name that!). But only after using the environment. I needed a couple of tries. It felt like quite an accomplishment.

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