What’s in a platform?

My recent gaming got me thinking about all the platforms or systems I play games on and how that has changed during the years.

After playing a lot of adventure games recently, and also some puzzle platform games, I wanted to get into an rpg again. I know I started with Baldur’s Gate II some time ago. But as always, Baldur’s Gate somehow doesn’t have a big appeal to me. So I’ve been putting it off. An rpg I have been looking forward to playing is Divinity Original Sin 2. But I haven’t started it yet and that’s not just because I don’t own a copy of the game. It’s also because I didn’t finish the first Divinity Original Sin. I have played it for a bit, but that was years ago, back when I still had a desktop pc. It’s been sitting in my Steam library ever since. I was also curious to see how the enhanced edition looks and sounds. But as I have no pc powerful enough to play the game, I had a problem. I also didn’t want to buy the PS4 version, because I have a nice boxed collectors edition for pc already.

That’s when I decided to look into streaming. After a quick comparison I choose Geforce Now from NVidia because that let’s you stream games from Steam for a reasonable price. And so I’m enjoying myself once again with Divinity Original Sin. The music immediately brings back memories. The games oozes fun. And the story is quite nice. I got quite the Ultima VII fibe with the game having you cheching out a murder scene, that’s not as horrific as the one in Trinsic.

So I’ve been playing a pc game on my pc but not actually running them on my pc. I could be playing it on my tablet. Another game I’ve been playing recently has me in a similar position. My recent adventures in The Cave were experienced on the big television screen in the living room and controller with the 8bitdo snes controller. But the actual game is running on my Android phone. I simply stream the screen to my tv.

And lastly there is my experience with Witch n’ Wiz. A game for Pico-8, which is a virtual console. I’m playing it in my browser on my Android phone it is very much like a gameboy experience.

So there you have it: Does the platform a game is made for or converted to still an issue? What will be my next console? Will I buy a Switch, a PS5 or a Xbox One, S, One S, Series X/S, whatever it’s called (you think they would have learned something from history about confusing names)? Or will it be the Evercade VS? For now I’m happy with streaming DOS and I’ll see what I do with DOS2. It certainly would look nice in my PS4 collection. And DOS became a lot more playable for me once I started using my trusty Xbox 360 controller for PC again. The biggest issue I had with mouse and keyboard was the constant clicking for moving your character and panning of the camera. With a controller this becomes much easier. The trade-off is that navigating the menus and hotbar is more cumbersome. But this is a trade-off I’m more than willing to make. Using the Xbox 360 controller reminds me of the fun I had with it while playing Oblivion!

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