More polygon racing goodness

After my recent acquisition of Formula One Grand Prix for the Amiga, I now got my hands on the racer that up until F1GP was the cream of the crop of 3D racing, namely Indianapolis 500. I remember having fun with this, although I never invested enough time in it to become any good at it (same as with F1GP actually). For my racing fixes, I kept turning to Super Hang-On, Lotus 1-2-3, Super Cars and eventually Crazy Cars III, although I don’t remember exactly if I actually played the last one on the Amiga or on the SNES.

Anyway, I have fond memories of Indy500 and now I have the boxed version of the game. The manual is actually pretty informative. With nice background information about the race and the cars that participated through the years. It certainly surpassed my expectations of a manual of a racing game. And that’s a big part of the fun of collection these original boxed games: The enjoyment of the care and creativity that went into making them. Both Indy500 and F1GP probably fueled my enthousiasm about low polygon count racing games. I’ve never been a big fan of racing games, but I have enjoyed a few of them. The game I probably enjoyed the most was Stunt Race FX. If there is going to be one SNES game that I want the boxed version of, it’s probably going to be that one.

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