I’ve been messing around with the ao486 core of the MiSTer. Below are a few issues that I’m struggling with:

  • Installed Windows 98. No FPU means it only works with setup /mn.
  • Also vhd’s didn’t work when prepped on Windows. I did fdisk again on the MiSTer itself.
  • Carmageddon on DOS gave the following error: DOS/4GW error (2001): exception 0Eh (page fault) at 160:004DCF81 TSF32: prev_tsf32 5284
  • Found out that dos/4gw doesn’t work on oa486. To get around that you must replace it with another extender, like dos32a.
  • set dos32a=c:\drivers\
  • of course, you’ll need dos32a.exe.
  • next we’ll need to replace it. So from carma for instance, we’ll need to run sb /r carma.exe
  • this i saw in a video from flynnsbit. He also explained that he used batch script to automatically mount the right cd iso, which is quite nice. with imgset ide10 “cd/Descent/descent.iso”. I’ll need to look into this.
  • I’m using WinImage (trial) to make floppy disk images that can easily be transferred to ao486 through samba or WinSCP.

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