I’ve plashed out on a Evercade handheld. After reading an article on Wikipedia about gaming handhelds, I realized that in a few years time the Evercade would be among the handhelds of the past and I wanted to be counted among those that had supported the system.

I’m quite happy with it. I’ve bought the following cartridges:

  • 01. Atari collection 1
  • 02. Namco museum collection 1
  • 04. Interplay collection 1
  • 08. Mega Cat Studios collection 1
  • 09. Piko Interactive collection 1
  • 12. The Oliver Twins collection

More a surely to follow.

I like the concept a lot. As mentioned in other reviews about the system, the screen is not the best but certainly good enough for me. The shoulder buttons are a bit weird, but don’t get used for the games I currently own. The dpad and the face buttons feel great however. And the multiple savestates are a great feature.

Without savestates a game like Treasure Island Dizzy, which I’m currently playing, would be no fun at all. I’m also keeping my eye out for the Atari Lynx collections. A game like Dracula that I recently got for the Lynx isn’t much fun either without the possibility to save.

Another game that I’m enjoying right now I Old Towers. A game that I recently ordered from Bitmap Soft for the Commodore 64, but haven’t received yet because it got lost in the mail.

I still have to try the hdmi out. I haven’t got a mini hdmi cable. A shame that isn’t included.

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