Risen in a big box

It bothered me that I didn’t have a big box version of Risen. A lot of games released from 2000 onwards don’t have big box releases of course. Or only small boxes. Some, like Neverwinter Nights have big box releases of the collectors edition. And the same goes for risen.

It’s a beautiful package with a sturdy inner carton box in black, not your basic brown. It comes with the usual goodies: stickers, a beautiful little map with a custom band to keep it rolled up, the soundtrack on CD, an art book and a very large poster. Also a making of on DVD that I’m especially looking forward to watching.

The only drawback is that its the French release. But that doesn’t matter much, because I also have the DVD case release in English with the manual in English.

It looks very nice to Gothic I and Gothic II. I don’t have Gothic 3, but that’s not a game that I liked. I only played 10 minutes before it crashed on me and kept doing.

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