Chameleon to the rescue

I wanted to play the demo of the upcoming release The Shadows of Sergoth, but it requires more chipram than my Amiga 500 can provide. I still regret not buying the ACE2 memory expansion back when it still was available. Next to the high price that was being asked for the ACE2, the fact that it didn’t support my particular revision (8a.1), let me to hold off on getting one. A decision that I regret now that I have the ACA500plus which offers much of the functionality that my revision 8a.1 motherboard offers, namely kickstart switchging and enabling ans disabling the memory expansion. And also because I have another Amiga 500 with another revision number that I could have used.

Anyway, because the game wouldn’t go beyond the character creation screen on my Amiga 500, I needed a way to play the rest of the demo. And preferably not through emulation. So, that’s when the Turbo Chameleon V2 came into play. As you can see on the picture, the Chameleon runs the game, but not in as nice a screen mode as the Indivision ECS V2 provides. The BenQ BL702a monitor doesn’t accept the 1280×1024 resolution offered by the Chameleon. That’s a “problem” also for C64 games, but because of the limited screen resolution of C64 games, it isn’t a big problem that the picture only covers part of the screen. When compared to the Amiga display though, it’s a bit of a let down.

About the actual game itself, I can be brief: I didn’t enjoy the first level very much, because it seemed way too empty.

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