More games: Civilization, Dark Seed and The Lost Vikings 2

I knew when I bought the Civilization Chronicles that I probably would get the individual games separately at some point. At least the first one, because that’s the one I used to play back in the day. And that’s what I just did: Along with some other games, I bought the first Civilization game. I didn’t pay enough attention though, because it’s the French version! Aargh! At least the box is in English and looks nice on the shelf.

Not as nice though as another game I bought: Dark Seed. Although I didn’t play this game for more than an hour back in the days when I had my Amiga, because I didn’t like it very much, I did want to get my hands on a copy. Not in the least because it’s mentioned in a great book, but also because of it’s nice box which protrudes on the front, meaning it’s best displayed full on and not at it’s best from the side.

And lastly, I bought a copy of The Lost Vikings 2 for PC. A game that I used to rent and play on the SNES. I remember playing through the whole game and having at least as much fun with it as the original The Lost Vikings that I played on the Amiga.

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