Major and minor additions

I meant it when I said that I wanted to complete my Revolution Software adventure game collection. So, when the opportunity arose, I got myself a nice sealed copy of the US release of Beneath a Steel Sky. Although the European release maybe is a bit more interesting with it’s black box, the US version is notable also, because of the nice slipcover with cutouts and slightly embossed title underneath. The contents don’t disappoint either. This CD-ROM version comes with a slightly bigger comic than the one in the 25th Anniversary Collection. The surprise was a second booklet that acts as a security manual of Commander Reich which lists almost all notable characters in the game as suspects. After playing through Beneath a Steel Sky last year for the first time, I definitely want to have a quick play through again with my upgraded sound capabilities courtesy of Roland before the sequel comes out.

Another relatively major addition to the collection is Amberstar from Thalion for the Amiga. Also a game I want to try out sometime. But because it’s another lengthy rpg, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. While I thought I had checked to see that it was the English version, It turned out to be the German version of the game. That’s not too bad though, because if any game deserves to be in German, this probably would be it. Although, either Gothic or Drakensang also are good candidates.
This addition certainly sets me on the path of collection the sequel Ambermoon also. Ah, that will hurt my wallet…

A minor addition is Carmageddon. A game that I was hesitant about adding to the collection, because that opens the door for more games that don’t exactly meet my criteria for collecting. The first one being that I have to have played it back in the days (which I have). Secondly, I have to like it (which I did) and thirdly, it needs to be a somewhat special item (which it isn’t), and/or it needs to fit in my focus genres being adventures, rpg’s or early rts games (which it doesn’t). This addition opens the door for all kinds of other additions. Nice! Next up: Driver? Now that would be nice.

Amberstar being in German probably was one non-English game too many, because I got the change of getting my hands on the English version of Discworld II, to replace the French version that I already had. Now to find a nice (or not so nice) Frenchmen (or Frenchwoman) to sell my French copy to.

A not so major, but also no minor addition is The Guild of Thieves. Having a couple of Infocom games and a few ICOM games, having a few games from Magnetic Scrolls are in order. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of another series in my collection.

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