Kyrandia 2, Rabenstein and Lemmings

In Kyrandia I managed to get the fireflies to play a tune. That didn’t do anything. I also filled a bottle with green liquid and I tried to mix a potion. In one of the recipes there’s a toadstool as an ingredient and that’s quite literally what I have.

Listen to that music. Monkeyliscious

In Rabenstein I enjoyed the beginning of the story and the atmosphere enhanced by the pictures. After a long day, I went to sleep. But when I woke up, a lot had changed.

In both games I didn’t get any further. So I let them lay for a few days. And that worked, because when I played another session I did manage to progress a little more.

In Kyrandia I figured out what the fireflies do. But now I’m stuck again. I guess I want something from the fisherman and need something to give to them. Now, what would fishermen want…

In Rabenstein I typed in “help” and one of the actions mentioned in the help certainly helped me a lot.

O, and I also played some Lemmings.

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