Messing around with MIDI in Dune 2

I was bored and wanted to listen to the MIDI music in Dune 2. It sounds very nice, but I’m missing speech. Googling offered the solution on Vogons (a site I visit more often recently). Apparently an altered setup and files are needed to enable both MIDI music and speech. I downloaded a few files and this worked. Hmmm, nice music!

The game runs a bit slow though. Maybe something in the settings. I’ve tried setting the cycles in Dosbox on max and on auto, but that doesn’t make a difference. I think that the Pi 3 just isn’t powerful enough to run this game on full speed on the shader that I want, tv2x. I just won’t play without it. Turning it off doesn’t make it much faster though. Maybe I need a Pi 4, but it seems that RetroPie is not yet optimised for it yet.

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