Completed KQ1. Started romancing.

I completed King’s Quest 1. Graham’s got the crown. I’m quite proud of myself that I’ve almost completely managed it without help. I only needed help with finding the dagger. I actually had already noticed the location where it turned out to be, but I just hadn’t tried the right verb to handle it.

I thought the game was quite easy. I was a bit worried that it would be too hard, because I’ve read that some people find the puzzles weird. Maybe to get all the points, you have to think weird stuff.

Immediately after finishing KQ1, I started with part II. Cool that they used the exact same graphics in the intro! After about an hour, I had mapped out all the screens. Now to figure out what to do. The box already gives a hint about a mermaid. But I haven’t yet managed to make her appear.

I was browsing though some old magazines when I noticed a solution for King’s Quest I. I saw some other things than I did in my playthrough. How to use the goat for instance. This let me to start with the 1987 remake. It’s a nice graphical update, but I can see that people were a bit disappointed about it back then. I read a walk through in an old magazine which inspired me to also play the 1987 remake of KQ1.

The 1987 update of King’s Quest has some nice graphics

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