Wishbringer: Now where did I see that shell?

I’ve made some more progress in Wishbringer. I watched a match between the David and Goliath of this game. Very cool! I tried to get through the cemetery by wishing for rain, but sadly the rain didn’t stop the vapors from snatching me and scattering my belongings. I managed to get 34 points and using 2 wishes this time around. I guess I need the shell for a really useful wish, but I forgot where I found it in an earlier playthrough.

Questions that I have right now are:

  1. How can I get a coin for the arcade?
  2. How can I get a ticket for the movie theater?
  3. How can I get past the hellhound? (throwing it a branch doesn’t work)
  4. How can I get through the cemetery?
  5. How can I get the stuff from the regrigerator without being eaten by a grue?

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