Welcome to my Humble House, Maniac Mansion

I’ve bit the bullet and bought a copy of Maniac Mansion. It’s Atari ST version and that’s what probably made it a little bit more affordable than the Amiga or DOS versions. But it was still a bit overpriced.

Shortly before that I was in the opportunity to get my hands on a first release for the Commodore 64. I was tempted but ultimately I didn’t like the look of the box enough to go for it. The later conversions for other platforms have the same box art and dimensions as most of the later LucasArts adventure games, while the first releases for C64 and Apple II and such, have a different look. The letters on the side of the box are nothing like the famous Maniac Mansion lettering with the trailing n at the end. So I figured that if I was to spend an insane amount of money on a game it had better be just like I wanted it to be.

Now there’s just one game left keeping me from owning a complete classic LucasArts adventure games collection. I’ll get you yet Zak!

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