Some minor additions to the collection

This week some nice additions to the collection arrived. No games that are on the top of my wish list, but still some nice games that complete other games in my collection as well as games that I’ll definitely want to (re)play:

  • Discworld Noir. With this game back in the house, it looks like most of the adventure games that I regretted selling are back in my possession. Although, the Discworld Noir that I’ve had before was only the jewel case and not this nice box. It looks very nice next to the original Discworld and Discworld II. Although I love the foldout case of the version of the first Discworld game that I have, I would also like to have the big box version to match nicely to the other to games in the series.
  • A Vampyre Story. I remember reading about it back when it came out and I’ve always wanted to have a copy. Looks like a fine adventure resembling The Curse of Monkey Island. Looking forward to playing that.
  • Neverwinter Nights. I’ve had the DVD case before and played the game only for a little bit. This is the small box version and I think I know why. The manual is so thick with it’s 180 pages that it probably won’t fit in a regular dvd case. Too bad it doesn’t come with a physical map. I’ll try to find out if this game had a release with more goodies, but I think I’m fine with this one as it is. It’s probably my goal to have all the classic Bioware rpgs in my collection, but Neverwinter Nights is not a game that I’ll want to replay.

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