Breath of the Wild

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  • I really liked roaming through the open world.
  • I enjoyed most of the characters.
  • The story was good, especially with the flashbacks.
  • The watchers were properly terrifying.
  • The end battle was satisfying.
  • The giant beasts were nice to figure out.
  • The climbing mechanic was cool. Especially the towers.


  • Why do the stables all look the same?
  • Why are there shrines? They feel out of place.
  • Why can’t the towers be activated at the bottom? It feels purely like a game mechanic, and I even didn’t know about Ubisoft Towers.
  • The Zora settlement feels much too large for the few that inhabit it. Are the walk ways water slides for their enjoyment or something?
  • I missed proper dungeons, although I enjoyed the beasts.
  • Weapons degrade, so no sense of achievement when gaining a weapon