ZZAP!64 annual 2020

After enjoying the ZZAP!64 Annual 2019 last year I didn’t hesitate to back the Kickstarter for the 2020 version. I didn’t read any ZZAP!64 magazines back in the day so it was with great wonder that I discovered how cool that magazine must have been back then. I also discovered a great many games that have been released the last couple of years.

Therefore, the 2020 annual is not as eye-opening as the 2019 annual was, because I’ve followed news of recent retro releases much more closely than I did a year ago. So a lot of the games that are mentioned I’m already familiar with. Nevertheless it’s a very well made book with many interesting and entertaining articles. Just as with the 2019 annual, I think I will take it regularly off the shelf in the months to come.

The annual also comes with a special edition of Fusion magazine about the Commodore 64 and it’s games. It’s a small magazine that doesn’t have a lot of new stuff for me personally, but I guess it’s nice to have. Finally there’s a keychain of the ZZAP!64 magazine that I won’t be using and a map of the game Tyr Na Nog. I don’t know why this map is included. I don;t know the game and I don’t know why this is so special that it is included. It is nice to look at, but without knowledge of the game it doesn’t do much for me. Maybe I will play it sometimes and/or figure out what the big deal is.

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