A White Label addition

After getting hold of Lands of Lore II a while ago I was also on the hunt for part one. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get any budget releases, but after seeing this one I caved. I figured that I always could keep a look out for an original non-budget version. What made me decide to get this one, apart from the low price, was the fact that it came with a manual and a history book.

This is the third white label release I got so far. I also got the Monkey Island 1 & 2 Doubles and Dune. What made me hang on to the first one was the fact that before the Monkey Island Special Editions came along, these were the only and arguably best versions of the games there were. Dune is also an enhanced release to the disk version that I have in the original big box release and so reason to hang onto. Maybe I can get my hands on a non-budget version of the enhanced release someday, but that has no priority right now.

And for Lands of Lore: I may even buy part three someday if the price is right although it is considered the worst of the three games. Maybe I need to play through part one and two first…

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