Some not retro inspired new games in 2019 after all?

Of course I still expect to play some new games this year, such as Hibernated 2 and Black Dawn Rebirth, but those are what I like to call new games for old systems, or ngfos for short. In case of Hibernated that’s not entirely true, because it’s also available for modern “systems”. There is a browser version after all. But it prides itself on offering a retro experience. So it classifies as a ngfos.

I didn’t anticipate that I would be interested in before Cyberpunk 2077 comes out next year. Of course, I have not really been paying attention to news about new and upcoming games. So shouldn’t come as a surprise that I stumbled upon not one but two new games that piqued my interest. Namely Greedfall and The Outer Worlds. It’s very likely that I’ll want to play both of them. I think I’ll start with Greedfall first. The fantasy setting appeals to me more right now than science fiction. And also the fact that it has been out for a couple of weeks already makes me want to play it first. A review of The Outer Worlds mentioned that it has some bugs and technical issues and maybe those will be ironed out in future updates.

While looking at those games in the PlayStation shop, I also noticed a game called ELEX, that didn’t have very positive reviews, but might be something for me. The same goes for Risen 3. I didn’t enjoy part 2, but certainly did enjoy the first part.

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