More old games arrived and even some actual gameplay has taken place

The getting even more stuff into the house phase isn’t over yet, because more old games have arrived:

  • The Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen
  • I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

I’ve actually have owned a Gold Box game before and it probably was Pools of Radiance. I would very much like to own that again. Then I will have the first and the last game in the Gold Box series. Of course it would be cool to have all the games, but that will probably be too expensive. Maybe a collection will suffice, although I think I saw that they don’t come with all the booklets and that would be a shame. If that’s the case, then a digital download would be better.

I’ve started Flight of the Amazon Queen before once or twice, but never played it for more than a few hours. From what I remember, it would be nice to go through the whole game.

And finally there is IHNMAIMS. Probably the coolest title ever.

There even has been some actual gameplay going on also. Suspended doesn’t seem to leave my mind. I tried some more things. For instance using the wedge to get to the cutting tool. I managed to accidentally read a spoiler online about FRED and how to get him out of the cage. Argh! I wonder if I ever would have figured that out on my own. Although it is stated in the manual and I tried before to make the robots cooperate. Anyway, there’s not much to gain from him that let’s me progress the story further along. And that’s frustrating. I thought I could use him to get through the acid or something.

Also, after finishing Kyrandia I didn’t want to play another adventure game but I did want to play another cRPG and I’ve started with Dungeon Master. Very cool! I didn’t manage to get the Atari ST emulation working on my RetroPie setup, so I play it on the Amiga instead. Sadly, sometimes the game freezes up while trying to save and that has set me back precious minutes a couple of times now. There has to be a better way of handling this. Anyway, I’ve chosen the original party of champions from the manual and managed to map out level 2 and a small part of three, before one of them got themselves killed. I dragged his bones all the way up to level 1 to resurrect his ass. And I’m now making my way back to get his stuff.

When I didn’t feel like sitting behind a computer I fire up the PS4 or the Wii U. Last time it was the Wii U and now it was the PS4. I started playing Grim Fandango Remastered, of which I couldn’t resist getting the retail version some time ago. I managed to hear a spoiler through the developers’ commentary about throwing a lasso to get to the roof. But now, I’m stuck getting the lasso to take hold of the ladder. I’ve played through the whole game many years ago and I remember that I had to use a walkthrough quite a lot. I wonder how I will fare this time…

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