Hundreds of gaming hours have entered the house

After the recent arrival of the Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection, another two more of such collections have entered the house: Divinity Anthology and the Civilization Chronicles. The first one offers the following games, besides two CD’s with soundtracks and a story book:

  • Divine Divinity (2002)
  • Beyond Divinity (2004)
  • Divinity II: Developers Cut (2009/2012)

Of these games I only played the first game and I certainly want to revisit that one and the following games. Especially now that I’ve played Divinity: Original Sin a couple of years ago.

The second collection comes with Civilization I through IV with all the expansions, charts and a board game. A very nice compilation. I have fond memories of playing the first part back in the day. I did have a boxed copy of it for some time during my first retro revival period, but sadly sold it years ago.

I am never going to have the time to play all these games.

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