Used a walktrough for the rest of Kyrandia and got 50 stars in Super Mario 3D World

After the last time I got frustrated with Kyrandia, I decided that I wanted to see how the story evolved and wanted to see more of the nice graphics and read more of the jokes.

I’m playing the text version and not the talky version, because that’s the version I have and that’s the version I downloaded for ScummVM.

So I played some more and got stuck on the part where you have to mix potions. The game just doesn’t give you enough hints. It’s very frustrating. So I looked up what you have to do online and made some more progress. Figuring out the combinations was quite fun. Although the endless walking across endless screens that all look alike kills the fun somewhat.

I managed to get to the last part of the game. But I got stuck again because I didn’t have the right objects with me. That’s unforgivable in a game and that was when I completely gave up and just played the end with a walk through.

The game could have been so much better if it had some more hints. I didn’t mind the trial and error so much, because it often led to funny deaths.

On another note, I played Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U. I had 40 stars since the last time I played and I couldn’t get to the fifth world, because that requires 50. So I had to collect 10 more stars from previous levels. I couldn’t remember all of the ones I visited again because it had been so long ago since I last played this game. I managed to get to 50 and beat the end boss of the fourth world. So now I can get to play more difficult levels. I wonder when my next play session is going to be.

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