Twilight Princess HD, another remaster

Back in the days, I’ve had a Snes and a N64, but after that I’ve never had a GameCube or a Wii. I was heavily into western CRPGs back then and those systems had little to offer in that genre. So, when I bought the Nintendo Wii U I could experience all those top Wii games for the first time. I think that’s also why I enjoyed playing on the Wii U so much.

On of the games I enjoyed playing years after it first came out was The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. It was the first Zelda game I played after Ocarina of Time on the N64. I liked it okay, but I was less than impressed by its controls and its visuals. I guess I should have played it on the Gamecube instead. I didn’t like the motion controls. So I was glad that a remastered version was released for the Wii U, but I hadn’t bought it yet. Last week I saw it on offer for cheap, so I decided to get it. Yesterday, I tried it out and the first impressions were good. The visuals look great. The npcs have much more character than their fuzzy counterparts in the non HD version. And the controls are gloriously non motiony and regular controllery. And it ran right out of the bat, no need for waiting on installing, which was great.

I think that I’ll also hang onto the Wii version though, as that one comes with a nice manual that the Wii U version lacks.

Now, hoping that Syward Sword will also get a remake in which the motion controls are ditched because that spoiled the fun for me. I really like the graphics and the atmosphere of that game, but I’ve never finished it because of the controls and the tutorial like cutscenes and conversations. I guess if it does come out, that I’ll probably need to buy a Switch though, but I guess that’s as good a reason as any.

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