It’s been awhile since there was a cassette tape in this house

One of the games that I have the fondest memories of playing on the Commodore 64 back in the days is Xerons. A Galaxian clone that I enjoyed very much back then. I hadn’t played anything like it before as the C64 was my first computer and I hadn’t been in an arcade yet.

I remember playing it on the old family color television that I had been given to replace the black and white one that I was using. I was entranced by the size of the picture (although it couldn’t have been very large by today’s standards) and the magnificent colors of the rotating enemies that came swirling down. And the colorful backgrounds of the levels.

Of course I didn’t have the original game back then and it was just another program of many more on one tape. But now I do! And what a glorious cover it has! And also a short background story inside. This will look very cool beside my other games.

I bought a very nice edition of The Sentinel as well. I’ve never played this game back in the days and I probably wouldn’t have understood how to play it back then. Certainly not without the manual. And probably not even with a description, because my English wasn’t very developed yet.

I have played it for a little bit a while ago. I recognized the potential enjoyment that it could give, but I didn’t really dive into it. I mainly bought it because of the nice packaging and because I’m curious to see if it benefits from the faster cpu possibilities that the Turbo Chameleon has to offer.

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