Some Zak and some Rumble

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update about my progress on Zak McKracken and that’s because I was a bit stuck and didn’t take the time to really get back into the game. But now I did and I solved it (sort of). I managed to lose my disguise and I couldn’t remember how that happened so I had to go back quite a few saves, before I understood what had happened. It turned out The King had taken my disguise and I didn’t know how to get it back from him. So now I did things a bit different: I figured that if he didn’t notice my disguise that he wouldn’t take it off me and that turned out to be the case. So now I can do the stuff I already did before, namely get the crystal, be bird, be a dolphin, etc. I just need to figure out how long I have to wait before the lottery’s results are in…

I’ve also played some more Robots Rumble on the C64. I’ve skipped ahead a few levels to see what the game has to offer. I don’t necessarily want to become very good at this, but I just want to engage in some casual gameplay with this game. Ahoy for levelskip!

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