Finished Hibernated 1. Now for the DLC

I finished Hibernated 1! Yeah! My first text adventure game ever. It wasn’t too long and I think I enjoyed it only more because of that. I got stuck a couple of times. Sometimes it’s difficult to envision what certain objects look like and to establish their function. Also, I was inexperienced about how to interact with the world and some things just didn’t make sense to me. Especially the last few commands you had to give and how they were different from the usual commands from the beginning of the game. The last puzzles weren’t the best ones. And I didn’t fully understand the ending. But overall it was great. Great atmosphere. I would have liked to have some more feedback about the feelings of Olivia though…


Wow, I’ve wandered about quite a lot!

And now on with the DLC!

Although I ordered the Amiga version, I’ll probably play the C64 version instead. I like the font more and the artwork also.

This is the Amiga artwork. I like the C64 artwork better

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