Beat the slab!

I made some progress today with Hibernated 1: This place is death. I couldn’t get past a room with a locked door and a glass slab. So after a few days thinking about it and trying stuff out, I resorted to a walk through. That always leaves me feeling hollow, because it takes some enjoyment out of the game.

The hint system didn’t provide me with much as it just kept telling me to examine everything carefully. As if I hadn’t done that already! I just couldn’t make the right connections.

This time, I put some blame on the game as well. I couldn’t picture what the glass slab looked like and therefore couldn’t guess its purpose. I thought maybe it was as big as a mirror or something. Examining the slab didn’t reveal its dimensions to me. Also, I didn’t saw the glass slab while it was not yet powered and so didn’t make the connection with its authentication function.

Anyway, I promised myself that if I could get past this obstacle, I would order a boxed version of the game. I’m not sure that I want to now though. Maybe I’ll just make a donation to the developer.

I will do that as I download the C64 version. I’ve been playing the Amiga version up until now, but I saw some screenshots with colored words for the C64 version and I want to check them out.

I’m not used to text adventure games and it’s the first time I’m drawing a map. I don’t find it as fun as some people make it out to be. I would much prefer an automap function. I know this game is supposed to harken back to the early days of adventure games, but I do think such a feature would be to the enjoyment of many people.

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