Played some Zelda and lost my Minimig virginity with a new joystick

Not a bad weekend for gaming: Link finally got out of the water temple in Majora’s Mask and even had some fun in the graveyard. Now, he’s a bit stuck. He had the intention of posting the letter from the girl from the inn, but gave it to the hand in the toilet instead :). I guess that he has to try that again for the second night as well πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
He knows that he eventually has to travel east, but he needs Epona to jump the fences and that horse is nowhere to be found. He tried whistling for her, but she definitely is no Roach.

I also had some fun with the Minimig core for the Turbo Chameleon V2. At first I couldn’t get it to run, but the developer had some useful hints and even tried to fix some issues that I had run into. I can get it to boot now, but only without fast RAM for the moment. I played some Addams Family that I had been playing on the real Amiga recently so I could compare it to the real deal. As I also use the same model monitor for both systems, I could even put them side by side. I must say that I’m impressed. I will make a more thorough comparison of the scrolling, but at first glance it looks very nice.

I did this gaming using a new joystick that I got. It is the QJ (Quality Joystick) SV-131 Superstar and it has the stick on the right hand side. I found it online just after I had thought about it. It has micro switches but the stick feels a bit too loose and therefor not as nice as The Arcade joystick, but it’s good enough for occasional gaming.

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