ANOTHER keyboard?!

I bought another keyboard. It’s not like I don’t have any, but I just nééded another one…

There’s the Ducky One mechanical keyboard with the white/green keys that I bought a couple of months ago to replace the Rapoo Wireless Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard with the low profile chiclet keys. This last one I can now put to good use with the Rasberry Pi retro home computer setup. Although I still use the mouse that came with it as my regular workhorse. Maybe I should just get a Logitech MX Master already. I know I want one. Then there’s the Trust Tecla wireless desktop that sits unused in the cupboard, because nobody wanted to buy it from me. I don’t fault them, because it’s shit. I also have a Logitech K480 wireless keyboard for tablets and tv use, but that one is not very good either. And finally there’s a second hand HP KU-0316 keyboard that comes in handy as it has wired USB.

So why another keyboard then? Well, it turns out the new Turbo Chameleon v2 only accepts PS/2 keyboards and a USB-PS/2 converter doesn’t work. So I went to the thrift shop certain to find a PS/2 keyboard and I wasn’t disappointed. There were a few and the cleanest looking with the best layout was the same HP one as I already have. So now I have two of them, one USB and one PS/2. And it works great on the Chameleon.

This took me back thinking about all the keyboards that I have had during my life. After the built in keyboards of my first Amiga 500 and the Commodore 64 before that, I bought my first dedicated keyboard along with my first PC. It had a Cyrix 486SLC processor which was essentially a 386 I understood later. I choose a slightly better monitor than one that came standard with it, but that meant that the rest would have to be as standard as what was on offer. I still remember that keyboard very well, because I kept it for a long time using it with the computers that followed.

At one time I remember that I wanted a wireless desktop. I first had the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth. It was the first Bluetooth enabled desktop from Microsoft. Although the connection proved to be very dodgy, when it did connect I liked it. One major downside was that it didn’t work before Windows was loaded, so you couldn’t use it in DOS or even in the BIOS. It didn’t last very long though and after that I got the Logitech MX3200 Cordless Desktop Laser Black. That one lasted a long time and I believe that I eventually sold it along with my last desktop PC when I had to give up my study and got a laptop instead.
Along the way I also had the official Microsoft Media Center Keyboard. It was so cool that it had IR! Imagine that.

So there you have it: Every notable keyboard that I have owned so far.

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