M.I.A. Ultima VII

While messing around with my Raspberry Pi setup, I wanted to try out Ultima VII on it. I opened the box of my Ultima Collection to discover that the CD was missing (Aaargh!). I cannot find it anywhere, where could it be.

I think I’ll need to download my copy of Ultima VII from GOG and burn it to a CD/DVD just to put it in the box. I must do that on my Windows laptop though, because I lost the power adapter of my USB hub (or maybe I bought it without an adapter) and the RPi doesn’t supply enough power to connect the DVD player. Also, I tried loading the GOG website and my RPi completely froze. So maybe GOG is better to visit from more powerful machines.

O, and in case you’re wondering where the map of Britannia is, it’s hanging on the wall. A bit crappy though… Another thing I need to fix.

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