Shovely Joe!

Geralt decided to continue fulfilling the three wishes for Beckham. The second wish was cool, with convincing the others, sneaking and fighting. He decided to leave the mark to his fate and to stand up against the last one remaining.
The third wish was even better. I always wanted to have another quest like the one in Oblivion where you enter a painting. The setting was beautiful

One particular cool foe was Shovely Joe, the caretaker with his shovel.

While fighting Shovely Joe, I lowered the difficulty rating another notch (to the lowest setting) after two deaths. Reloading just took too long to figure out what tactics where needed. On the one hand the option to lower the difficulty prevents a lot of annoyance. But on the other hand, it also diminishes the feeling of accomplishment. The description after killing Joe provided a typical aha moment. I should have figured it out. Loading times suck on an original Ps4. This is one of the few drawbacks of this game.

Oh, and also Geralt discovered afterwards that he was still wearing his party clothes instead of his armor. How in heavensname could you forget something like that Geralt?! And it’s not like it’s the first time this has happened either.

After this Geralt chose the bad ending, because he felt that Beckham had it coming. He knew that he also was just another victim, but he still hated him for the actions he had chosen. The ending however wasn’t very satisfying because the main main bad guy walked away. Even though Geralt decided that he didn’t want anything from him.

So now I’ll probably have another go at it with the alternative ending before moving on to Blood and Wine.

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