Every level is a Worthy challenge

So I booted up Worthy tonight and to my dismay I hadn’t saved my progress properly. I had to do level 25 all over again! Luckily, I walked through it in a breeze. The next level, level 26, I had previously cut my teeth on, but I hadn’t managed to complete it. And after a dozen or so tries, I beat that one too!

Now, level 27 is being a challenge. It looks very difficult with all the spitting AND moving blobs. This is going to be fun. Frustrating, but fun. It’s been a long time that I could commit myself to trying a puzzle/action game again and again. Past games that come to mind are Rick Dangerous, Nebulus II and Lemmings (I suddenly realize that I almost only like puzzle games with an action element too it. Whoa! Revelation!). Most of the games that I’ve played after these games were of the adventure type and the rpg type.

With adventure games, I cannot force myself to try again and again. Afterwards I always kick myself in the head for ruining the experience by resorting to a walkthrough. Most recent examples are Broken Age and Thimbleweed Park.
The open world rpg’s I play often don’t require this kind of commitment. If something is too difficult, I go elsewhere first to level up.

Anyway, I’m not Worthy yet…    But I will be!

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