Sam’s Journey

That’s right, that’s the box with Sam’s Journey, standing right next to Worthy. I got myself a present and ordered Sam’s Journey from Protovision a short while ago. I has arrived quickly and I just played a little bit. Wow! Unbelievable how smooth it plays on the C64. 

I’m using a SNES controller through the 64JPX JoyPad Extender from 64HDD. So, Y is jump, as well as UP. I played it from floppy and it loads really fast. I’ve got JiffyDOS installed in my C64, as well as in the 1541. Although the game won’t load and the disk just keeps spinning if JiffyDOS is enabled in the 1541. With JiffyDOS disabled it loads fine. 

I tried to check which rom is loaded with the @ command. With the switch in one direction that returns the message “00, OK, 00,00”. With the switch in the other direction it displays something with “…CBM ROM…”, so I think that means that JiffyDOS is disabled.

I downloaded the Easy Flash conversion tool from CSDb, which was no easy task because Windows Defender protested a lot. After I persuaded Defender that I very much wanted to download and execute the file, it worked like a charm. Now, I’m able to play it from Easy Flash. That’s very easy!

In the very nice box there’s a beautiful manual, a little poster with the overworld map on it, some trading cards showing Sam with all his different pajamas (as my daughter calls them) and a little treasure chest with diamonds. “Oooh!” my daughter exclaimed seeing that. Now, I’m to decide what to do with those. I’ll have to find a nice frame for the map and the cards.

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