More games for the collection. One with a poster of a dragon, which is always good

Another game from Level 9 for the collection: Lancelot. Maybe not one of their best games, but nice to have in my collection nonetheless.

And then there is Shadowlands, a game I remember seeing screenshots of in magazine reviews. It’s a game by Domark that also developed or published two other games that I got not too long ago: Castle Master and Lords of Midnight. I will put them next to each other on the shelf.

And lastly there’s Dragonflight. A game from Thalion, another developer I recently got another game from for my collection, namely de Ambermoon.

The games are in very great condition, which is always nice. They are in English excerpt for Dragonflight, which is in German. That’s no problem for me and Thalion being a German developer, only adds to the charm. The boxes are quite compact, a thing that is becoming more important now that the gameroom is starting to fill up and there is almost no shelf space left.

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