Yet another “trilogy” complete with Albion. What a beautiful box!

A while ago I wrote about completing the Ishar trilogy. And what a great feeling it is for a collector to complete a collection. I now have that feeling again with the arrival of Albion. Albion is from the same developers as Amberstar and Ambermoon, a game I got my hands on not too long ago. The developers never got around to making the third game in the series, but they did make Albion. Albion therefore is a sort of spiritual successor to Amberstar and Ambermoon. And I can safely put it next to those games on the shelf and declare another trilogy complete. Yeah!

I remember playing Albion for a couple of days back in the 2000s. I was charmed by the game, but by that time it couldn’t compete with the likes of Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 and Morrowind.

I have been looking for Albion for a couple of years now. I was tempted a few times by the German edition of the game that has a dark green box with gold lettering on it. That one can be found for not too high a price on Ebay. The English version of the game with the cutout on the cover is usually more expensive. Lucky for me a local seller was willing to part with a copy for a reasonable amount. It was not cheap, but I didn’t pay Ebay prices for it. And I made a deal before a higher bid came in, which is always satisfying. Especially when a game is in this condition. It was still in it’s original shrink wrapping for the most part!

Thsi proves once again: Good things come to those who wait. If you want something quick, you can get it from the other side of the world and you’ll have to pay the price. If you’re patient though, everything eventually turns up in your neighborhood and you can often make a deal for less. Patience also adds to the thrill of getting your hands on it in the end.

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