Normality, a lesser known adventure game for the shelf with lesser known adventure games

There’s the shelf with the point-and-click adventure games from LucasArts, the Sierra shelf, the Revolution and Westwood shelf, and the miscellaneous shelf with games from Coktel Vision, Delphine, Infogrames, etc. Oh, and there’s also part of a shelf with Legend games, which are halfway between text and point-and-click adventures. And then, there’s the shelf with games that that are difficult to categorize. They’re either hybrid adventure/rpg’s/rts, or games that are not good enough to merit a place among it’s genre peers because there’s no space.

Enter Normality, a point-and-click adventure game from Gremlin Interactive, a software house from which I enjoyed, and still do, games like Super Cars and Lotus. It’s the European version, that supposedly doesn’t have the Corey Feldman voiceover, which is either a curse or a blessing depending on which review you read. It’s a game that has it’s place on the shelf with miscellaneous adventure games, but lands on the difficult-to-categorize shelf due to there being no more space on the former. Time for another reorganizing session. That’s always fun for collectors.

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