Diving deeper into Skyrim with The Skyrim Library

Back in the Morrowind days I remember taking the time to read every book in the game from front to finish. In Oblivion I did more or less the same. But in Skyrim I never seem to get into reading the books. I think that’s partly because there’s so much to do that you go very quickly from one thing to another and partly because I play the game from the couch whereas I played Morrowind and Oblivion on a PC monitor sitting at my desk. Especially now that I get older, I cannot comfortably read large pieces of text on my television screen anymore. I know the best solution is to buy a bigger tv, but let’s say there are reasons that solution isn’t the best solution in my case ;).

So, that’s one reason for wanting the physical edition of the books of Skyrim. Another reason is that such an item fits perfectly in my game collection. And it doesn’t disappoint. The packaging is very nice with a large print of Alduin on the inside and a picture of Alduin’s Wall on the outside. The books themselves are great also. They have a faux-leather cover and are not too heavy. The contrast is good and the font is readable enough even though I wish it were slightly more readable. The illustrations are nice. My only gripe is a common one for me: The page numbering is too small. Luckily the page numbers are printed in black and not in grey like in The CRPG Book.

I remember that my favorite books were “A Dance in the Fire”. I’m looking forward to reading that one again and I wonder if it will remain my favorite after reading more books.

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